These are only a small sample of the work I’ve done.

Trend Micro white paper
An agency-based white paper written for Trend Micro.

Application Aware white paper
An agency-based white paper: Organizations using visibility solutions experience an 83 percent success rate in resolving application performance issues and a 90 percent success rate in resolving network performance issues before they affect end users.

Brittle asthma overview
This type of asthma is known as brittle or difficult. Those who suffer from this form of the disease can go from feeling relatively well to having severe breathing difficulties very rapidly.

Chemical commodities
Chemicals surround us and touch us throughout every part of our day – from putting on your rubber-soled shoes, driving your car to work, or opening a can of soup for lunch.

Identity Management Competitive Analysis
This analysis examines how identity management vendors are positioning themselves in the global identity management market as well as the issues surrounding the issues driving companies to consider identity management solutions in the first place. This report will also review their strategies and the future directions the providers expect to take.

What is hot fill packaging?
Are you aware of a technology that allows for extended shelf lives for your bottles? Welcome hot fill packaging

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